Quietude - Garrigues Sainte Eulalie - France


Garrigues Sainte Eulalie - France

6 kWp



The coverings of flat roofs can be of many different types, and among the most common there are those in gravel: this type of roofing in fact offers excellent protection from atmospheric agents, avoids excessive stagnation and does not require particular maintenance.

However, when it comes to photovoltaic systems, it is essential to select support structures that allow installation to be carried out quickly and without damaging the surface protected by the gravel in any way. This is why – even with this coating – the Sun Ballast structures represent an intelligent, simple and practical choice: the ballasts are not in fact fixed in any way, but it is sufficient to place them directly on top of the gravel layer.

For the 6 KWp plant installed in Garrigues Sainte Eulalie by our French customer Quietude, we in fact opted for the Standard 30° system: as with all Sun Ballast structures, it is not required to make any holes, either on the roof or on the ballast (the M8 fixing bushings are already present in the concrete body), and the Standard system offers the installer maximum flexibility, versatility and great freedom of installation.

Finally, to ensure the highest level of solidity, the Cablowind system has been added, a simple and effective solution which – acting both as a channel and as an additional weight – allows you to better manage the electric cables, further consolidating the stability and resistance of the plant.

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