Research and Development

The advantages that make the difference

Easy and fast to install, stable and wind resistant, more than 40 models available and a range of inclinations from 0 to 35 degrees to choose from. It is not necessary to drill the cover because the ballasts do not have to be fixed but only to place them on the roof. The result is a cost per kW drastically reduced compared to traditional systems. In this video you will find all the details into these and all the other benefits provided by Sun Ballast®.
Watch the video and discover them all!

Research and Development as a basis for innovation

Finding new solutions to meet the needs of an ever-changing market is fundamental for us at Sun Ballast®.
More than 300 hours a year dedicated to research and development, that’s why we became market leaders, because we left nothing to chance.
In this video you will get to know all the results obtained and the severe tests carried out to offer our customers innovative solutions able to effectively respond to all types of problems.
You will also know all the tests and laboratory tests to which we have submitted and we submit to our ballasts to obtain a better product.
We left nothing to chance!


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