A revolution built to endure: the new slogan "MADE TO LAST" presented at KEY 2024

A market reference for over ten years, at KEY 2024 Sun Ballast unveiled the new slogan “Made to Last”: not only a significant rebranding, but above all, a strong emphasis on the quality, durability, and longevity that have always characterized Sun Ballast solutions and the entire corporate philosophy.

Born in 2012 with the aim of simplifying all installation phases, Sun Ballast photovoltaic ballasts represented a true revolution for the flat roof support systems sector: the complete absence of fixing holes, perfect balance between roof load and wind resistance, and the integration of ballast and support functions into a single component have indeed minimized assembly times, making PV system installations on flat roofs much easier and faster. Today, over ten years later, Sun Ballast concrete ballasts are used by thousands of professionals worldwide and represent the benchmark system for all installations on flat surfaces. A revolution built to last.


Ease and speed of installation, but not only: since the early years of operation, Sun Ballast’s goal has been to ensure its customers the highest level of safety and reliability by using first-choice materials and subjecting all photovoltaic ballasts to dozens of tests in wind tunnels and climatic chambers. Durability is indeed one of the main characteristics of Sun Ballast photovoltaic panel structures, extending well beyond the 25-year warranty period. In addition to the fixing sockets – already pre-inserted in C32/40 concrete – each ballast also contains an internal steel extra-reinforcement bar, a distinctive feature compared to many alternative solutions on the market: the bar ensures an extremely high resistance to mechanical stresses, further enhancing the structural strength of the ballasts and offering customers the highest safety standard, even in the presence of severe weather events. Solid, versatile, and long-lasting, Sun Ballast photovoltaic ballasts are easily reusable even in revamping operations, simplifying handling phases and adapting without constraints to any type of surface and photovoltaic panel.


The new claim “Made to Last” encapsulates the most distinctive characteristics of Sun Ballast ballasts, as well as the main qualities of the corporate philosophy: the constant commitment to research and development activities, the importance of direct relationships with customers and partners, and the careful evaluation of the main market trends are indeed some of the pillars on which Sun Ballast’s entrepreneurial strategy is based. A strategy aimed at building true long-term partnerships, offering all collaborators constant support – from choosing the best technical solution to logistical assistance during delivery phases – and designing solutions tailored to the real needs of industry operators. An approach based on reliability and customer focus, which has allowed Sun Ballast to successfully expand far beyond Italian borders: ballasts are now available in over forty countries worldwide, and the new American headquarters – inaugurated in Florida in 2023 – represents a significant milestone in the expansion process into the North American market, one of the most important in the field of renewable energies.

Ten years ago they were a revolution, today they are a certainty: since 2012, Sun Ballast ballasts have supported thousands of PV installations worldwide, providing simple and concrete support for ecological transition and contributing to change with solid, safe, and long-lasting solutions.

“Made to last” is not just our new slogan: it’s our story.

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