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The commercial phase is the first contact phase between the customer and Sun Ballast.

At this stage, the sales representative collects the customer’s data and requests. He sends the communication to the technical office in a timely manner.


Manager: Erald Hoxha

Mail: e.hoxha@sunballast.com

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Technical Advice
Technical Advice

After carefully evaluating the data provided by the sales department and the customer’s needs, the technical office takes care of the design of the plant, the dimensioning of the structures and the calculation of wind resistance.


Manager: Andrea Calza

Mail: a.calza@sunballast.com

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Order Management
Order Management

When the quote is confirmed by the customer, a sales order is issued, and payment methods and delivery times are agreed with the customer.


Manager: Chiara Zambrotta

Mail: vendite@sunballast.com

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Administration and Finance
Administration and Finance

It is the stage in which receipts and payments are managed with the issuance of tax documentation in support.

There are several interlocutors who interface with our administrative office in various ways


Manager: Kora Di Cocco

Mail: amministrazione@sunballast.com

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Shipping Office
Shipping Office

All orders ready to go are managed here by agreeing the date and place of delivery with the customers and coordinating the couriers.


Managers: Francesca Rizzi and Anna Guardascione

Mail: logistica@sunballast.com

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Quality control
Quality control

Each stage of the production cycle is carefully evaluated and controlled to ensure the customer the best possible service. In this phase are taken in charge and resolved all possible non-conformities found by the customer.


Manager: Lisa Calamai

Mail: l.calamai@sunballast.com

Tel: 05221758888


The value of the company, the quality and reliability of the products and services, together with the feedback received from our customers, become the subject of communication and marketing oriented to the customer and his needs.


Manager: Alessandra Polverino

Mail: marketing@sunballast.com


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Other useful contacts

Commercial & Public Executive Secretary

French, English, Spanish Speaking
Giovanna Salemi

Human Resources Manager

Pamela Antonello
Maurizio Iannuzzi

Executive Director

Maurizio Iannuzzi
Marianela Casis

Deputy Executive Director

Marianela Casis
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