New PowerClamp bracket: stronger hold, enhanced safety.

The latest PowerClamp bracket is engineered to provide a more secure and robust attachment for solar panels. It works seamlessly with Sun Ballast’s entire range of weights.


Safety is paramount when it comes to quality systems. That’s why all Sun Ballast solutions prioritize not just ease of use but also top-notch safety for designers and installers of flat roof photovoltaic systems. The new PowerClamp bracket, crafted from durable stainless steel 304, ensures panels stay firmly in place against mechanical stresses from wind and snow, bolstering the overall stability and reliability of the setup. Plus, its metal “teeth” allow for easy electrical bonding of PV modules, streamlining grounding procedures, if needed.


High strength, UL 2703 certified

Sun Ballast rigorously tests and analyzes all photovoltaic weights and accessories to guarantee durability and performance. Securing UL2703 certification – one of the most rigorous safety standards globally – underscores the reliability of our photovoltaic components. Tests on the PowerClamp bracket show it can withstand wind and snow loads of up to 200kg/sqm and handle an impressive 500Kg extraction load. These results confirm its high safety standards, even during severe weather events.


Simplified grounding

Aside from its robust grip, the unique design of the bracket simplifies grounding tasks for PV systems. Grounding photovoltaic panels, crucial for insulation checks by inverters, can often be time-consuming. However, the PowerClamp’s teeth make this process faster by bypassing module frame anodization, creating a quick and simple electrical connection between panels.

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