Social responsibility


Who has never dreamed of changing the world to make it a better and more just place?

Most people are good people, regardless of their role in society. I’m sure that as children, many of them wrote school assignments about world peace. Then they grew up and forgot about that dream, and let it give way to cynicism. But deep down in every worker, artisan, civil servant, stock market player or entrepreneur, there is still that child who dreams of creating a better world.

I have tried to give that child a voice again by spending some of the company’s energy on social initiatives, inside and outside of the business, setting an example of ambition and responsibility for other entrepreneurs and employees to follow.

Maurizio Iannuzzi

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The idea

Sun Ballast is a company that has chosen to use business as a way to reach the goal of a better life for the planet, so the next generation can live in a better world. This goal might seem utopian to many, but we believe so strongly in it that we have made it a foundational part of our corporate mission.


“Sun Ballast is the most widely used structure for Flat Surface Photovoltaic Installations in the world, and reduces the cost of clean energy. The company is prosperous, stable, growing and innovative, with skilled, accomplished and highly motivated staff.
Personal goals are aligned with collective ones.”

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Since its inception, Sun Ballast has worked to implement small social initiatives, which have grown over the years into larger and larger projects for and in support of different associations with goals and values shared by the company.

The desire to be a key cog in the change machine has always been about transforming that dream of changing the world into a more concrete reality: we have never stopped at that idea.

In 2021, we decided to go a step further by initiating the paperwork for an effective corporate change, kicking off an accreditation path that will make us an official Benefit company in 2023. A path that fills us with pride and responsibility.

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Our commitment to the future

Icona Our commitment to the territory Immagine Our commitment to the territory
Our commitment to the territory

By territory we refer to the entire social fabric in which the company is embedded and those activities that contribute to its improvement. Who should take care of a place but the people who live there? If we don’t take care of the things around us, who will?

Icona Our commitment to the community Immagine Our commitment to the community
Our commitment to the community

Sun Ballast pursues broader goals by supporting associations that promote important messages: brotherhood, determination in pursuing goals, loyalty, etc. We ensure that these messages reach as many people as possible by organizing meetings and exchanges between institutions and associations.

Icona Our commitment to people Immagine Our commitment to people
Our commitment to people

Companies are made up of people, who spend over 70% of their waking lives at work. Our goal is to build a company that employees and contractors are proud to work with.

Icona Our commitment to the environment Immagine Our commitment to the environment
Our commitment to the environment

We want to do everything we can to build a more sustainable future and a better planet that our children will one day inherit. We want the world to change for the better, and we want to be the promoters and catalysts of change.

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