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on a flat roof


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Ideal support for photovoltaic modules on flat roofs

For more than a decade, the goal of Sun Ballast® has been to make the work of designers and installers of PV systems on flat roofs easier and faster: this is why simplicity and quick assembly have been the hallmark of all PV ballasts since 2012. Unique, innovative, and patented structures have become a true reference for the entire industry over the years.

Our photovoltaic ballasts have revolutionized the field of photovoltaic panel structures, and for more than a decade they have been the reference solution for all photovoltaic systems on flat roofs.

Single-Row System

Simple, fast, and versatile: the photovoltaic structures of the Single-Row System are available in a wide range of inclinations, making installation even faster.

Sail Shaped System

Lots of energy in little space: the Sail system allows up to six rows of PV ballasts to be placed, maximizing the entire flat roof area.

Connect System

Low load, high strength: the Connect system combines each PV ballast into a single grid, reducing the load on the flat roof and increasing wind resistance.

East-West System

Simple, stable, and modular: the East-West system can be built with a wide range of PV panel structures, ensuring high stability by optimizing any space.

No-Flex® System

Maximum tightness, zero deflection: designed for large panels, No-Flex offers flat-roof PV systems the highest tightness and stability.


Solid, safe, and cost-effective: the Industrial-XL system is dedicated to fixing large panels used in large facilities and provides safety, tightness, and convenience.

Latest Projects Realized

S. E I. s.r.l. - Arzignano (VI)

4.6 kWp


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S. E I. s.r.l.

Arzignano (VI)

This 5.6 kWp PV system was installed by our client S.E.I. s.r.l. on a flat roof in Arzignano (Vicenza) using Sun Ballast’s photovoltaic panel structures. The ballasts allowed for a…
Energiapartner - Lehmja

195 kWp


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Used on this large industrial warehouse, the photovoltaic weights from the Sun Ballast Connect system offer a stable and resistant solution, ensuring maximum safety for all photovoltaic installations on flat…
Lattoneria Maccabiani - Montichiari (BS)

9.8 kWp


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Lattoneria Maccabiani

Montichiari (BS)

Simplicity and high construction quality: this 9.8 kWp flat roof photovoltaic system was realized with Sun Ballast photovoltaic ballasts, an extremely versatile solution that allows for simple and fast installations…
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