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Ideal mounting system for solar panels on a flat roof

For more than a decade, Sun Ballast®‘s goal has been to make the work of designers and installers of photovoltaic systems easier and faster: this is why simplicity and quick assembly have been the distinguishing marks of all support systems since 2012. Unique, innovative and licensed solutions, which over the years have become a true reference for the entire industry.


No-Flex® is the innovative Sun Ballast system dedicated to large photovoltaic modules: a simple and effective solution, which guarantees maximum resistance to bending and wind and snow loads. With No-Flex the fixing points go from 4 to 6, the support parameters are respected and the quality of the system is guaranteed.

Flat roof structures

Sun Ballast® is equipped with a wide range of ballasts in many inclinations to meet the different installation needs of photovoltaic systems. The ballasts can be used to adopt different solutions such as east-west system, connect system, sail shaped system as well as standard and custom system.

Design Tool

Simple, quick and intuitive: with the Sun Ballast PV-design tool, designing your photovoltaic system becomes quick and easy! Thanks to the many functions you can customize the sizing of the modules, choose the accessory you prefer and share the complete documentation with our Technical Department directly from your smartphone.

Latest Projects Realized

Eurl Ets Lamour - Creully sur seulle, France

35 kWp


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Eurl Ets Lamour

Creully sur seulle, France

The obstacles often found on flat roofs can make the installation of photovoltaic systems slow and challenging. For this reason, Sun Ballast concrete ballasts are designed to ensure a simple…
PlusMinus Engineering - Westerburg, Germany

10 kWp


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PlusMinus Engineering

Westerburg, Germany

This photovoltaic system of almost 10 kW was installed in Westerburg, Germany, by our client PlusMinus Engineering. Thanks to the ballasts of the Single-Row 20° system, the installation was carried…
D'Antonio Energie SRL - Chieti, Italy

10 kWp

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D'Antonio Energie SRL

Chieti, Italy

When photovoltaic systems are realized on small flat surfaces, space optimization becomes a fundamental requirement: for this reason Sun Ballast has developed the Sail Shaped System, a simple, efficient and…
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