Ideal support
for photovoltaic modules
on a flat roof



Ideal support for photovoltaic modules on a flat roof

SUN BALLAST® has reached a position of primary importance on the market thanks to the simplicity of installation.
It performs both the function of support and ballast to the photovoltaic module, has 10 inclinations from 0 ° to 35 ° for vertical, horizontal, east / west installation. Reduces installation times by up to 70%. Wind tunnel tested.


With a widespread network throughout Europe you can find our ballasts near you. Consult the section to find the nearest distributor

Flat roof structures

Sun Ballast® is equipped with a wide range of ballasts in many inclinations to meet the different installation needs of photovoltaic systems. The ballasts can be used to adopt different solutions such as east-west system, connect system, sail shaped system as well as standard and custom system.
Flat roof structures

Technical assistance

Sun Ballast® offers a highly qualified and completely free technical service
Technical assistance

Latest Projects Realized

Axun Solar  - Francia

8.9 kWp


Axun Solar


Connect Sail system is the best solution when there is little space on the roof and a too high inclination is not necessary to produce the desired power for the…
Soventix Caribbean SRL - Puerto Plata - Repubblica Dominicana

39.96 kWp


Soventix Caribbean SRL

Puerto Plata - Repubblica Dominicana

How is it possible to reach almost 40 kWp of production with this space? Just use Sun Ballast east-west structure which allows you to use all the available space to…
2nd Planet  - Sweden

88.8 kWp



2nd Planet


A company that does not deal with PV installations can decide to install it on its own if it still has the internal skills, thanks to the support of Sun…

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