PV Top Brand 2023: Sun Ballast is among the best producers of solar panel mounting systems, according to EUPD - RESEARCH

Quality and experience are built over time, and after more than ten years in photovoltaics Sun Ballast has become a point of reference in the support and racking system sector.

Thanks to the company’s extensive experience in photovoltaic installation, Sun Ballast’s solutions have been meeting customers’ needs since 2012 with extremely simple, functional and easy-to-install systems and complete, professional technical support from the earliest planning phases of each project.

Today, after millions of support ballasts sold and thousands of PV installations built, Sun Ballast is a recognized and respected brand on the international stage. Today, that status is confirmed by EUPD – Resarch: the German institute is one of the most important independent research, consulting and certification bodies currently active in the field of sustainable energy, and in 2023 it named Sun Ballast as a “PV Top Brand” in the “Mounting” category. This incredible achievement is the fruit of many years of experience, the ability to continuously innovate, and constant contact with the real-world needs of installers.

The prize was awarded following an in-depth market analysis and took into account key factors such as the quality of facilities, commercial performance, distribution efficiency and the opinions expressed directly by thousands of installers during numerous surveys.
This is why for more than 20 years EUPD – Research has been recognized worldwide for the credibility and seriousness of its certifications, and the “PV Top Brand 2023 – Mounting” award received by Sun Ballast is a powerful demonstration of quality, reliability and experience.

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