Large-scale pv installations with large panels? With the new Industrial-XL System they’re a better investment than ever

Designed to reduce installation times and costs for large-scale photovoltaic systems built with large panels, the new Industrial-XL system offers a simple, safe and convenient solution.

Along with thousands of new residential installations, we are also seeing constant growth in the number of large-scale photovoltaic systems on the roofs of industrial warehouses and commercial buildings, built with large PV panels. In order to maximize return on investment, the proper selection of components is crucial, starting with the installation’s support system. Photovoltaic mounting systems play a key role in the reliability, installation time, and overall costs of a PV installation.
Sun Ballast’s new Industrial-XL system was created to respond in a simple and effective manner to these specific needs, and it was designed with the goal of offering large PV panels – especially those used in large-scale installations – a solution that is practical, secure and advantageous in both technical and economic terms. 



Respecting support parameters, installation costs and weight levels on roof surfaces: the new
Industrial-XL system was developed with the goal of satisfying all the key requirements of the installation of large-scale photovoltaic systems using large panels, starting with the security and sustainability of the investment. The system offers an innovative, patented and convenient solution able to reduce the costs associated with these large-scale installations while also maintaining the modules’ guarantees and fully respecting all safety regulations (e.g. weight loads on roof surfaces, wind resistance, etc.) 

The 5° vertical tilt ensures precise compliance with all support parameters indicated by the manufacturers of solar panels, and its special grid configuration allows for significant reduction of weight loads on roof surfaces while also guaranteeing maximum wind resistance. Linking all panels together in a single “network” allows their weight to be distributed in a perfectly balanced manner across the whole surface, increasing the installation’s stability and ensuring maximum durability for the panels, even those wider than two meters.

These unique features of the Industrial-XL system offer a perfect balance of cost, weight and security, optimizing the cost per kW and ensuring the highest level of reliability for all PV installations.


Used by thousands of installers and designers all over the world, Sun Ballast photovoltaic mounting systems have been the solution of reference for solar installations on flat roofs for over ten years. The new Industrial-XL system also offers numerous advantages. Like all Sun Ballast solutions, the innovative Industrial-XL allows for shorter build times and simpler processes in all phases of installation, while guaranteeing maximum durability for large panels, even in the event of severe weather conditions. The ballasts of the Industrial-XL system do not need to be fixed in place, and they are compatible with any type of roof surface. The dimensions optimized for large-scale panels make installation simpler, faster, and more secure.



From calculating dimensions to studying the wind, from analyzing mechanical stresses to calculating total output: the Sun Ballast Technical Department offers comprehensive and in-depth technical service to designers and installers from all over the world. Guaranteed precision allows everyone involved in the realization of a photovoltaic installation to achieve the highest levels of quality and find the best possible technical and economic solutions, especially when the installation is of significant scale. The Technical Department provides a comprehensive, detailed and free report on all parameters involved in the installation, from weight loads on the roof surface to wind resistance, offering a complete overview of all the characteristics of the installation and guaranteeing solidity, security and durability to all clients.

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