CABLOWIND – The strength of the order: Sun Ballast new patent!

Many advantages and two functions in a single element: channel and ballast.

CABLOWIND is the brand new product which further enriches the range of accessories proposed by Sun Ballast and which combines two distinct functions in a single element: Channel, which allows the correct accommodation of the cables, and additional ballast, to ensure further stability for the wind of the photovoltaic system.

It is used as an alternative to the classic additional weights, and being allocated behind each module it distributes its weight in a completely homogeneous way.
CABLOWIND can be installed on all Sun Ballast structures above 3 °, both on vertical and horizontal installation. Three sizes are available: 160 cm of 29 kg for horizontal installation of standard modules, 185 cm of 34 kg for horizontal installation of 72-cell modules, 95 cm of 17 kg for vertical installation.

On all sizes there are holes on the bottom to avoid the accumulation of water inside. CABLOWIND is supplied together with the Zincomagnelis bracket which is fixed to the pre-drilled ballasts and acts as a connecting collar between one row and another.
The material that it is made of makes it more resistant to deterioration caused by atmospheric agents over the years.

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