LS IMPIANTI di Santino Lomurno - Matera - Italy

LS IMPIANTI di Santino Lomurno

Matera - Italy

20 kWp



During installation, being able to count on simple and well-made support structures brings numerous advantages; among these, the precision and speed of assembly represent two of the fundamental aspects, and the Standard system of Sun Ballast constitutes a true reference for thousands of installers of photovoltaic systems

The simplicity, sturdiness and overall quality of the structures make it possible to obtain the best results with the minimum effort: for fixing to the surface it is not necessary to carry out any type of operation, the bushings for mounting the panels are already inserted in the ballast, and the structure does not require any further assembly. Just put it down, fix the panel, and you’re done.

This is why installation is much faster with Sun Ballast solutions: the assembly phases are few and extremely simple, and installation times are reduced by more than 70% compared to those required by traditional structures.

This plant – built in Matera by our customer LS Impianti with the Standard 15° system – reaches 20 kWp, and was quickly installed, precisely respecting the delivery times agreed with the customer.

A great proof of professionalism, which allows Sun Ballast customers to prove themselves competitive and reliable in all situations.

Finally, to ensure the highest level of stability, the Cablowind system was added to the system: the innovative accessory developed by Sun Ballast acts both as a channel and as an additional weight. Two functions in a single solution, for an even more solid, orderly and professional installation.

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