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HB Solar - Vestec - Czech Republic

HB Solar

Vestec - Czech Republic

484 kWp



A large, 484-kWp renewable energy plant installation in the Czech Republic built by our customer HB Solar CZ, who succeeded thanks to the expertise of our technical department and the reliability of Sun Ballast photovoltaic panel structures.

This installation makes use of the Connect system, one of the most popular among our customers and our technical department for achieving production targets by creating a large, stable and wind-resistant plant while maintaining a low load on the roof.

Why is the Connect system ideal for these situations? One of the main features of the Connect system is that it is a “collaborative” structure, in which the panels are connected to each other in a kind of network that is able to distribute the weight uniformly on the roof and maintain a high level of wind resistance.

These characteristics are extremely important especially when, as in this case, the photovoltaic system is placed on the flat roof of an industrial shed.

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