Elettronett - Roma - Italy


Roma - Italy

6.3 kWp

Our customer Elettronett has realized this system on a flat roof covered with slated sheath, a type of sheath useful for increasing the adherence of the ballast to the surface. This type of structure, in addition to offering the same stability as Connect system, also allows you to optimize the space available on the roof by eliminating the space usually left free between the rows of panels. In fact, thanks to this system it is possible to install two consecutive rows of photovoltaic panels positioned horizontally. The area where the photovoltaic system is positioned makes it particularly subject to the different actions of the wind, for this reason our technical office has chosen to further increase the wind resistance by exploiting the action of two different solutions: the first concerns the ” insertion of additional weights that increase the overall weight of the system and consequently decrease the possibility of handling due to the wind, and the second instead is the use of a windbreaks, placed in the terminal row, useful for minimizing the impact of the wind and to avoid the overturning of the ballast.

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