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Elettroimpianti - Fisciano - Italy


Fisciano - Italy

30.34 kWp



The creation of a solid and productive photovoltaic system requires dealing with many variables, both during the design phase and during the installation phases.

In fact, overall efficiency depends on the correct management of all the parameters involved, and each situation must be analyzed by paying attention to the specific characteristics of the coverage and the precise needs of the customer.

For this reason, being able to make use of a rapid and professional technical support such as that provided free of charge by the Sun Ballast Technical Office can constitute an important extra gear for all operators, both in terms of efficiency and from the point of view of safety and longevity of the equipment. ‘installation.

This 30.34 kWp system was built by our client Elettroimpianti on a sheath roof of a commercial building in Fisciano, in the province of Salerno: the collaboration with the Sun Ballast assistance service made it possible to optimize the available surface in the best possible way, managing with speed all obstacles and ensuring the highest level of efficiency and stability.

Thanks to its great flexibility, the Standard system – here in the 10° version – also made it possible to fix the panels vertically, further optimizing the spaces on the roof and at the same time ensuring truly high wind resistance: integration with the Cablowind has in fact guaranteed the maximum level of stability, distributing the loads along the entire roof and making the system more solid, stable and orderly; In fact, Cablowind performs both the function of additional weight and that of channel, allowing you to manage the cables with greater order and making the system even more professional.

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