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Eco6therm Sàrl

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178.22 kWp



East-west position of our ballasts has been thought and designed with the goal to solve an accurate problem: that of the bad exposure of the building where the photovoltaic plant will be installed. The ballasts in fact, in this case, are positioned shoulder to shoulder with an orientation east-west. This allows photovoltaic panels to receive the sun rays throughout the day, and consequently have a continuous production, that otherwise we would not have with a south oriented system.

In addition, the system also returns other benefits such as: space coverage optimization and greater wind resistance. The first benefit is due to the fact that it is not necessary to leave space between the rows this allows you to optimize it to the maximum. The higher resistance is due to the configuration of the system that does not allow possible air currents to cause ballast overturning. In this installation our customer Eco6therm Sàrl has placed the ballast on a green roof, one of the many fields of application of Sun Ballast structure, creating an impressive plant capable of producing 178.22kWc of renewable energy. 

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