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VOLTHER 13 - Energie - Chusclan, France

VOLTHER 13 - Energie

Chusclan, France

6 kWp



Installation time reduced by more than 30 % and maximum simplicity during installation: the Standard system from Sun Ballast is used by thousands of operators all over the world, and in terms of ease of use it is a real guarantee.

In fact, Sun Ballast systems combine both support and ballast functions in a single solution, making the construction of photovoltaic systems much simpler and faster; the Standard – or Single-row – system also allows the distance between rows of panels to be freely adjusted according to the specific geometry of the installation surface, easily managing all obstacles on the roof and ensuring the highest level of wind resistance.

The model used for this 6 Kwp system is the 20° tilt model, and the installation was carried out in Chusclan – a small French village – by Volther 13: the structures provided with great punctuality by our distributor Aris Energie ensured the system’s maximum stability, also thanks to the integration of Cablowind, the innovative accessory developed by the Sun Ballast Technical Department.

Like the ballasts, Cablowind also combines two different functions in a single solution: that of additional weight, and that of a channel for electrical cables. In fact, the particular conformation allows to further reinforce the tightness of the plant to all the stresses arising from atmospheric agents, distributing the loads in an even more balanced way; at the same time, the possibility of housing electrical cables inside it allows to make the plant more orderly and professional, ensuring in all situations the maximum satisfaction of customers.

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