AC SOLAR SRL - Ussana - Italy


Ussana - Italy

6 kWp



A small 6 kWp photovoltaic system was built on the flat roof of a house using the ballasts of the Sun Ballast Standard system with a 10° inclination.

There were some small obstacles present in the available space, so the versatility of the Standard system was key. These ballasts make it very easy to avoid obstacles on the roof, making them the most suitable solution for the construction of this photovoltaic system.
In addition to versatility, the Standard system also features increased sturdiness thanks to the addition of our double-function Cablowind accessory: it allows the correct accommodation of the cables and increases the wind resistance of the entire system.

In addition, Sun Ballast systems are ideal because they do not need to be fixed to the support surface by means of drilling holes: they are simply placed, so that the protective and waterproofing properties of the sheath that covers the area remain intact. The use of the special sheaths provided by Sun Ballast then creates an additional protective layer and ensures that the ballast does not slip.

Once again, our structures have allowed our customer AC SOLAR SRL to create an efficient, versatile and solid photovoltaic system to its great satisfaction.

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