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Sun Ballast promotes an exhibition that tells the eclectic and inspired art of Carlo Prete and Peter Toshy, original and surprising artists.

Each company has a duty to improve not only the lives of its employees, but also the environment around them. In this sense, Sun Ballast, being engaged in the renewable energy sector, has the opportunity and the privilege of working every day to reduce CO2 emissions and consequently pollution.

On the other hand, responsibility is an attention that extends not only to health and material well-being, but also to the emotions and spiritual well-being of everyone. In fact, among the ways of improving the world that we consider most effective, in addition to the production of excellent photovoltaic structures, there is artistic creation, the power that the imagination has to give us exciting works, visions different from ours, of beauty. which heartens and relieves from everyday life. It is that part of the soul that makes us feel alive.

This is why Sun Ballast promotes occasions where artistic expression finds spaces and spectators. One of these is certainly the event on Thursday 4 November, at the “Modena Golf & Country Club”, during which we will talk about art, and also about Sun Ballast.

In fact, it begins at 6 pm with the inauguration of the exhibition dedicated to two interesting contemporary artists, Peter Toshy and Carlo Prete. An art critic will illustrate their path, deepening the works on display.

This will be followed by dinner, during which Sun Ballast, together with other companies, will take the floor to talk about how you can improve, with passion and creativity, at least the world of photovoltaics, by building state-of-the-art structures.

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