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Sun Ballast is building a new logistics hub in Lagonegro, in the province of Potenza, to be ever faster in deliveries and closer to customers in Southern Italy, the Islands, North Africa and the Balkans.

Looking far, taking care of every detail, providing solutions: the secret of Sun Ballast’s success is always thinking about the day after tomorrow, foreseeing needs and guaranteeing satisfaction.

The construction of the new logistic center goes in this direction. It is in fact a space of 15,000 square meters that will not only be warehouse, to have the goods always available on request, but will also become the starting point for the deliveries of our ballasts for photovoltaics in Southern Italy, in the Islands, in the North. Africa and the Balkans.

Because today more than ever, the speed of delivery has a fundamental strategic value, especially in a market where other players work with aluminum and therefore have serious difficulties, starting with finding the raw material.

The logistics hub will be built in Lagonegro, in the province of Potenza, in a hilly area close to the enchanting Pollino Park, this creating jobs in a beautiful area that is in great need of investment and employment. This decision was taken by Maurizio Iannuzzi, Executive Director of Sun Ballast and a native of Lagonegro, to give back to his native land what he received in terms of values ​​such as passion and determination.

The new hub integrates a complete and constantly evolving offer that can already count on dealers throughout Europe with goods in stock ready to be processed directly from the distributor’s headquarters, this further accelerating delivery times.

You can only restart if you have confidence and if you invest courageously in the direction of the expansion envisaged by the corporate goal.

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