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Ballast 0°.K

Ballast 0°.K

Sun Ballast 0 ° structure is an optimal solution when there are situations such as: limited floor load, limited spaces and landscape constraints. This specific solution achieves the goal of placing more panels in less space without it being visible from the outside. There is also a raised version in case you need to stand higher than the surface.

Art. 23000.K

Art. 23000.K


Any type of flat roof with a maximum slope of 5 º; on the ground, on beaten ground with inert material or pavements

Module inclination
Quantity per pallet
Ballast weight
30 Kg
Pallet dimensions
90 cm x 98 cm h = 35 cm
Distance between panels
Starting from 0
Total pallet weight
540 Kg
Orientation of the PV module
Horizontal, Vertical
PV panel size
165 cm x 99,2 cm
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Sun Ballast 0 ° fixing system is realized of vibrated and reinforced concrete and allows an inclination of 0 °. The material with which the ballast is made has an exposure class XC4 as well as a resistance class of C32 / 40.
It performs both the function of support and ballast to the photovoltaic panels and must not be fixed on the roof but only supported. During installation, a rubber protective sheath is placed between the support and the cover.
The photovoltaic panels are hooked onto the support equipped with an M8 bushing by means of special central clips and the orientation of the module can be horizontal or vertical.

Can I have the details about the pallets?

Of course, please send an email to logistica@sunballast.com including the reference number of your order.

Is it possible to ground your system?

Yes, it can be grounded by means of connecting 2 panels as explained in the execution standard or using accessories (e.g. terminal and central braces) certified for grounding.

How long is your buckle?

Our buckle has a screw thread ≈ 3 cm long.

Can I install rails on your ballasts?


Can I install solar thermal panels on your ballasts?

Yes, the technicians will suggest you the best solution after receiving the technical sheet and the assembly instructions of the panel.

Can I install the panels glass-glass?

Yes, by using the rails.

Is it possible to have a ballast produced according to our dimensional requirements?

Yes it is, we also produce custom ballasts to meet our clients’ needs.

Can I have black ballasts?

Yes, the minimum order is 1 pallet.

How long does the shipment take?

As soon as we receive the complete order (i.e. signed order, with delivery address + bank transfer report) we set shipment and delivery in 2/3 working days for northern Italy, 3/4 working days for central Italy, 4/5 working days for southern Italy/islands, 5/6 working days abroad.

Please note: for orders over €1500 we also have to wait for the credit to be transferred on our bank account.

Can you deliver the material on a vehicle with tail lift, as we do not have the equipment to unload the pallets?

Of course, we can send you a vehicle with hydraulic tail to unload the pallets.

Please note: we can do it up to 15/20 pallets; for larger amounts we supply a semi-truck, which is not provided with hydraulic tail.

Is there iron in the ballast?

Yes, in our ballasts there are 1-2 iron bars that enhance the resistance in handling and transport; should our ballast be damaged during the shipment (i.e. minute cracks occurring in the surface), it can be used anyway.

Is the buckle in the ballast in stainless steel?

No, it is made of zinc plated steel, as it permits to redo the thread if it strips while screwing (using the male screw M8)

Is it possible to drill the ballast?

Yes, our ballast can be drilled to insert Ø 9 mm expansion buckles. We recommend you to drill the ballasts in the central part.

What can I do if the buckle is oxydised?

Apply lubricant (e.g. WD40) or grease on the buckle.

Can I install the ballasts on any kind of flat surface?

Yes, our ballast can be installed on gravel, green roof, tarmac, concrete, ground.

What is the maximum tilt of the roof on which your system can be installed?

It can be installed on any roof with a maximum tilt of +5° or -5°.

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