Cei Automation Srl - Napoli - Italy

Cei Automation Srl

Napoli - Italy

150 kWp



Where, if not in the city of the sun, a photovoltaic system with 0° inclination can be installed as done by our customer Cei Automation Srl.
The ballast 0 ° Standard system has a significant number of advantages including that of respecting any landscape constraints because the installation cannot be seen from the outside.
It is also a very light structure that allows you not to burden the roof and you can also make two rows of consecutive panels without the need to leave space between the rows of photovoltaic panels. Finally, like all Sun Ballast structures, it does not need to be fixed on the roof so it is installed without drilling the sheathed roof as in this case. A great job that produces clean energy and remains pleasing to the eye.

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