VM Italia - Napoli - Italy

VM Italia

Napoli - Italy

40 kWp


Zero degrees, maximum efficiency: available in a wide range of inclinations – from 0° to 30° – in terms of freedom of installation and ease of use, the Standard system by Sun Ballast is a real guarantee, and is perfectly effective both when adopted on small domestic surfaces and on large flat roofs of commercial buildings and industrial plants.

The particular 0° version then allows you to make the most of the entire available surface: the photovoltaic panels are in fact coplanar to the roof, and the distance between the modules is reduced to zero.

The system built in Naples by our customer VM Italia easily exceeded 40 kWp of power, and was installed on a sheath roof in an extremely simple and fast way: all Sun Ballast systems in fact do not require any fastening, and for guarantee maximum integrity of the surfaces (especially the more delicate ones such as sheaths and flooring) small rubber sheaths are positioned under the ballast: in this way, by avoiding direct contact between the structure and the roofing, installation can be carried out quickly and in complete safety, without any risk of damage.

And in terms of wind resistance? The Standard 0° system – not developing in height and remaining parallel to the flat surface – is extremely solid and resistant, and guarantees the maximum level of reliability for the PV system.

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