Urbansolar - Madrid, Spain


Madrid, Spain

11 kWp



Designed to maximize all spaces dedicated to flat-roof photovoltaic systems, Sun Ballast’s Sail system represents a simple, efficient and quick-to-install solution that makes the most of all available surfaces. The Sail system is in fact composed of several ballasts, each made with a variable height: in this way it becomes possible to juxtapose rows of photovoltaic panels together until they form a real “sail” of modules, optimizing space and managing at best both shading and obstacles present on the roof (e.g. chimneys, fans, etc.).

Depending on the characteristics of the roof and the specific needs of the installer, the concrete ballasts of the Sail system can also be used in single rows, freely modulating the distance between them and selecting the most appropriate height. Available with two different inclinations, the 11° Sail system allows up to three consecutive rows of modules to be arranged, while with the 5° version the rows increase to as many as six.

The 11 kWp PV system visible in the photo was installed by our customer Urbansolar on the flat gravel roof of a residential building in Villanueva de la Cañada (near Madrid, Spain), and thanks to Sun Ballast concrete ballasts the installation was very easy, reducing installation time, avoiding any holes in the roof and easily adapting to the particular characteristics of the roof.

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