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Tecnomax - Brescia, Italy


Brescia, Italy

7.79 kWp


In the photovoltaic industry, one of the most valuable elements is space: in fact, the type and size of the areas dedicated to PV systems depend on a good part of the decisions made during the project, and Sun Ballast solutions have been developed to offer not only maximum simplicity, but also to make the best use of all available spaces, even the smallest ones.

The system visible in the photo was installed by our client Tecnomax on a small flat gravel roof, and Sun Ballast’s 5° Sail system made installation very easy, reducing installation time by more than 30 percent and making maximum use of the entire surface area. Indeed, in this configuration the rows of panels are placed consecutively next to each other, varying the height of each row and reducing the distances between panels to zero. Gravel has also not been a problem: Sun Ballast ballasts are quickly laid on any type of roofing, and-even in the case of gravel-installation requires no prior preparation.

Available in both 5° and 11° pitches, the Sail system allows even the narrowest surfaces to be made useful and highly productive, giving the panels the best performance and highest level of weather resistance.

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