Tecnoeasy - Roma, Italy


Roma, Italy

4 kWp


This small photovoltaic system was installed on a residential building in Rome by our customer Tecnoeasy, and thanks to the practicality of Sun Ballast solutions, the installation took place very quickly.

In fact, the ballasts do not require any fixing to the roof, and the installation of the structures is done easily and quickly on any type of surface.

Sun Ballast’s Vela 5° system also proved to be the ideal solution for optimizing the space allocated to the planting: in this system, the ballasts are arranged with increasing height at each row, making it possible to place them next to each other without generating any shading. In this way the distance between rows is reduced to zero, and space is utilized to the maximum, also thanks to the fixing of the panels vertically: in fact, with the 5° Sail system it is possible to install up to three consecutive rows of modules vertically, while by arranging the panels horizontally the maximum number of rows rises to as many as six, one next to the other without any space or shading.

In addition to great efficiency in space utilization, this 4 kWp system also ensured the highest level of stability and wind-tightness: in fact, the addition of the Cablowind system-visible on the back side of the ballasts-allows for perfectly balanced load distribution, stabilizing the system and ensuring its maximum resistance to wind stress.

Designed to also act as a conduit for electrical cables, Cablowind represents a very useful and easy-to-install accessory, capable of improving the reliability, strength and professionalism of the photovoltaic system in a matter of minutes.

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