Techniques tout Chauffage - Lutterbach - France

Techniques tout Chauffage

Lutterbach - France

6.16 kWp



Maximum resistance even on a gravel surface? Not a problem for Sun Ballast systems, and for the Connect system in particular.
This is the best system for achieving the goal of superior wind resistance while maintaining a low roof load.
The Connect system is in fact an interlocking structure, in which the modules are connected to each other to create a single grid of panels boasting exceptional strength and stability.

The strength of this system has been achieved and maximised thanks to the use of special additional U-shaped weights, perfect for being placed in an interlocking position on the ballast without the need to drill fixing holes.

This feature is also common to all Sun Ballast weights, which do not need to be fixed and can be easily installed on any type of surface, and even simply placed on gravel as in this case.

The Connect system is thus an optimal solution for surfaces with no space problems. Here, our Connect ballasts have allowed our customer Techniques tout Chauffage to create a photovoltaic system that can reach up to a maximum of 6.16 kWp of renewable energy.

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