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SunTechnics Fabrisolar AG

Zürich - Swiss

29.1 kWp



Until a few years ago they were widespread especially in Northern Europe, today they are found instead in many other locations, from mountain areas to urban centers: green roofs represent a modern and ecological choice, and in many cases also allow the installation of photovoltaic systems; the important thing is to select the right support structures, which allow the turf to receive adequate lighting and that can be installed without damaging the plant cover.

Thanks to the great versatility and the possibility of selecting different heights and inclinations, the Sun Ballast ballasts guarantee the integrity of the surface in all conditions and ensure a stable, efficient and productive system, without any need to attach it to the cover.

The one pictured – installed in Zurich (Switzerland) by our customer SunTechnics Fabrisolar AG – produces up to 29.1 kwp of clean energy, and has been installed on three different types of roofing: in addition to the green roof, The system was also installed on a concrete surface (above the green roof) and on a gravel surface (in the central building).

Complicated? Not at all: Standard 5 system is. 3 by Sun Ballast proved to be an extremely flexible, simple and quick to assemble solution, and was perfect for all three types of coverage.

The result is a solid, sustainable and efficient installation that has ensured maximum customer satisfaction.

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