Sunkraft - Bernex, Switzerland


Bernex, Switzerland

59 kWp



The spread of PV systems on houses and condominiums is a key piece in the path of ecological transition, and Sun Ballast support systems aim to make installations increasingly quick, simple, and sustainable: ballasts allow PV systems to be easily and quickly installed on any type of flat surface, reducing installation time and ensuring maximum stability for the PV panels.

The system in the photo was realized in Bernex (Switzerland) by our client Sunkraft, and the installation took place on four residential buildings with flat gravel roofs: the East-West system of Sun Ballast – used in the 10° slope version – allowed the best use of all the available space on the roof, without requiring any prior work.

In fact, the ballasts were laid directly on the gravel layer, arranging the rows of PV modules next to each other; in fact, the double orientation allows the power generation to be distributed throughout the day, ensuring a high and constant yield even for systems placed on buildings with less than optimal exposures. The one in the photo generates a total of more than 59 kWp of clean energy, and thanks to Sun Ballast longevity and wind resistance are guaranteed.

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