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8.5 kWp



Sun Ballast ballasts are ideal and perfect for a multitude of characteristics present on roofs where photovoltaic systems are installed.

They easily adapt to the different shapes and sizes of the panels on the market, to the specific needs of surfaces and installation locations and for this very reason they are used for numerous photovoltaic installations all over the world.

To materialize and make explicit what has just been said, the photovoltaic system in the photo, created by our customer Stb Service of Stucchi Oscar, was possible thanks to the Sun Ballast ballasts of the Standard 15° system, versatile and very flexible, which allow laying of the panels very loosely on a flat roof sheathing.

Furthermore, to increase the wind resistance of the entire system, our Technical Department has included the use of the Sun Ballast Cablowind accessory in the project: an element with a dual function, it acts as a duct for the correct accommodation of the cables and of additional ballast to give more stability and solidity.

Versatility, resistance and efficiency are factors that distinguish this photovoltaic system capable of producing up to 8.5 kWp of green energy.

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