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SPVE - Furnezh, France


Furnezh, France

500 kWp


The realization of large photovoltaic installations is increasingly cost-effective, and the self-production of clean electric energy presents a significant opportunity for businesses today. For over a decade, Sun Ballast has been dedicated to providing simple and reliable mounting systems, now employed for both small residential setups and extensive industrial installations.

The installation depicted in the photo was completed by our client SPVE in Ty Furnezh, France, generating an impressive 500 kWp of energy. This achievement not only signifies outstanding production performance but also reflects exceptional construction quality and reliability.

Sun Ballast support systems ensure maximum resistance to all atmospheric stresses, simultaneously reducing installation times and overall construction costs.

The Single File 0° system utilized in this installation optimized the dedicated space efficiently: with this configuration, the panels align perfectly with the roof, forming a surface entirely covered with modules and eliminating the distance between rows. The exceptional flexibility provided by the Single File system also facilitated the management of all obstacles, swiftly navigating around them and maximizing the available surface area.

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