Sottotensione sas - Alpignano - Italy

Sottotensione sas

Alpignano - Italy

93 kWp



Optimized available space, high wind resistance and maximum level of efficiency: the Sun Ballast Vela system represents a simple and effective solution, ideal both for small photovoltaic systems built on terraces and residential buildings, and for large systems installed on roofs of industrial warehouses and commercial establishments.

In the Vela system, the height of the ballasts varies for each row: in this way it is possible to approach one another, eliminating the distance between the rows and any type of shading.

In this way all the spaces are used in an extremely efficient way, and the overall yield of the photovoltaic system is optimised.

The one installed in Alpignano (TO) by our customer Sottotensione easily reached 93 kWp of power, and the Sun Ballast Vela system – here in the version with 11° inclination ─ made it possible to manage the particular situation quickly and easily conformation of the roof: the support structures were positioned on the flat surfaces present between the sheet metal vaults, and by combining three consecutive rows of panels (in the 5th version of the it is possible to position up to 6 consecutive ones) it was possible to position the greatest number possible of photovoltaic modules.

Integration with the Cablowind system has also made it possible to maximize resistance to loads: usable in combination with the classic U-shaped supplementary weights, Cablowind further improves the stability of the system, balancing the distribution of weights over the entire surface and ensuring maximum stability in all conditions.

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