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Implemented in France by our client Solis Groupe Sarl, this small PV system was installed on the flat roof of a residential building using Sun Ballast’s Monofila system, an extremely practical solution that allowed the installation to be completed quickly and with a great ease.

In fact, the ballasts of the Single-Row system allow both the length and the distance between rows of PV panels to be freely modulated: this makes installation much easier and faster, and the stability of the modules is ensured. The Single-row system is in fact compatible with all Sun Ballast accessories, including the U-shaped supplementary weights and the special Cablowind system (visible in the photo).

These accessories can increase tightness and strength in a matter of minutes, and can be used for both small residential installations and large installations made on industrial sheds and commercial establishments. As with the ballasts, Sun Ballast accessories do not require any fixing holes: in fact, the additional U-shaped weights are simply placed on the structure (or, as in this case, directly on Cablowind), while the Cablowind system is laid on the back side of the ballasts inside the aluminum rails.

Thanks to its special design, Cablowind performs both the function of an additional weight and a cable channel for electrical cables, increasing stability, distributing loads, and giving the PV system an even tidier and more professional appearance

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