Soleil du Sud - Manosque e Forcalquier

Soleil du Sud

Manosque e Forcalquier

36 kWp



These two photovoltaic systems on flat roofs were installed by our French client Soleil Du Sud on two schools, in Forcalquier and Manosque: both reaching a capacity of 36 kWp, they were installed using Sun Ballast’s Single-Row 30° system.


Thanks to the photovoltaic weights, the installation was completed quickly and with great ease, without making any holes in the roof and ensuring a high level of stability and wind resistance for the photovoltaic panels. The concrete weights that make up the Single-Row system are available with inclinations of 0°, 3°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°, and 30°, allowing for the attachment of PV panels both horizontally and vertically, and offering the flexibility to freely adjust both the length and the distance between the rows. This allows for the installation of PV panel structures to be simple and fast even in the presence of many obstacles, reducing installation times and facilitating all assembly operations.


The use of Sun Ballast’s photovoltaic weights does not require any complex elements (bars, casings, etc.), and the pre-inserted M8 bushings in the concrete – in addition to being highly practical – also ensure very high resistance to all mechanical stresses resulting from wind and snow loads.

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