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Solar Projekt  - Supetar, Croatia

Solar Projekt

Supetar, Croatia

250 kWp



Located along the Croatian coast, this photovoltaic system was built by our client Solar Projekt on a large flat sheathing roof, and thanks to Sun Ballast’s East-West 10° system, installation was easy, fast and professional.

In fact, not requiring any fastening to the roof, the ballasts quickly rest on any type of surface (gravel, concrete, paving, sheathing, etc.), reducing installation time and optimizing the cost per kW of the system.

The one visible in the photo generates more than 250 kWp of clean electricity, and-to ensure maximum resistance to the strong winds that characterize the coastal area-the ballasts have been arranged in pairs, further increasing the tightness and stability of the installation.

Available in various tilt patterns, the East-West system is also easily modular: to change the length of the rows of panels, simply add or remove a ballast, quickly adjusting the configuration of the installation to the specific characteristics of the roof and easily managing all obstacles on the roof.

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