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Solar Power Impulse  - Les Issambres,  France

Solar Power Impulse

Les Issambres, France

6 kWp



Les Issambres is a small French resort located on the coast of the Bay of Saint Tropez: the perfect place to spend a vacation, but also a place to implement efficient and productive photovoltaic systems.

This one installed by our client Solar Power Impulse reaches 6 kWp in power, and Sun Ballast’s Standard (or Single-row) system made the installation easy, fast and professional. In fact, the ability to easily adjust both the length and the distance between rows of PV panels ensures not only great freedom of installation, but also a reduction of installation time by more than 30 percent.

The system in the photo consists of two rows of PV modules, and the ballasts of Single-Row system – used in the 10° tilt version  were placed directly on the layer of gravel on the roof, without requiring any additional work and at the same time ensuring the highest level of wind resistance.

Available in a wide range of versions (from 0 to 30°), the Single-Row system offers installers great flexibility of use, and – thanks to the possibility of easily adjusting the configuration of the system to that of the roof  it is a simple, practical and quick solution to install even on flat roofs that are particularly full of obstacles.

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