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Solalpes Energie SA - Sierre - Switzerland

Solalpes Energie SA

Sierre - Switzerland

32 kWp



The flat roof of a building that has chosen to start producing green energy: the two chosen solutions were the Vela system and the Connect system by Sun Ballast. These two different solutions have allowed this company to reach its desired production objectives by creating a 32 kWp plant.

The action of the two ballasts makes it possible to optimize the available space. On a roof with more obstacles, the Vela system is ideal for getting maximum production out of limited space.
In contrast, the Connect system (in this case with reduced dimensions compared to the classic ones) is suitable for use when you do not have particular limitations in terms of space but you need a solid system with well distributed weight.

Thanks to this double solution, our customer Solalpes Energie SA has created a functional and efficient system.

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