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SLT ENTREPRISE - Eghezée - Belgium


Eghezée - Belgium

15 kWp



Sheath, concrete, floors, green roofs: Sun Ballast solutions have been the reference model for flat surface photovoltaic systems for over ten years.

The great versatility of the ballasts makes it possible to significantly reduce installation times, while guaranteeing maximum ease of use, even when the system is built on the ground: the high quality of the materials used to make the Sun Ballast ballasts allows to position the structures also in direct contact with the ground, guaranteeing maximum resistance to corrosion and ensuring the system the highest level of resistance to stresses deriving from wind and snow.

The one made in Belgium by our customer SLT Entreprise reaches 15 kWp of power, and was installed extremely easily and quickly using the Standard 30°.1 system; a very simple, versatile and well-constructed system, which allows great freedom of installation (even with vertical panels) on any type of surface.

In the case of the ground, the preparation required very few steps: as it does not require any fixing, the only objective is in fact to provide the structures with a stable surface, which does not undergo landslides and which ensures a solid and durable support cover for the plant.

The Sun Ballasts take care of the rest, which in any weather condition guarantee the best levels of resistance, efficiency and productivity.

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