SLT Entreprise - Jodoigne, Belgium

SLT Entreprise

Jodoigne, Belgium

2.5 kWp



One of Sun Ballast’s primary objectives is to provide support systems that make the realization of photovoltaic installations increasingly simple, fast, and accessible, not only in large industrial settings but also in small residential spaces. The installation depicted in the photo was carried out by SLT Enterprise in Jodoigne – a small village not far from Brussels – on the flat roof of a residence. Thanks to Sun Ballast’s Single-File system, the installation occurred seamlessly, quickly, and securely, without compromising the protective characteristics of the roof covering in any way.

The absence of fixing holes ensures the perfect integrity of all types of surfaces, even delicate materials such as coverings and pavements.

This simplifies the installation process and eliminates inconveniences entirely. For this small 2.5 kWp installation, the 11°.K model was adopted. It’s a practical and manageable system that not only reduced installation times by over 30% but also ensured the six photovoltaic panels’ maximum stability, durability, and wind resistance.

Available in a wide range of inclinations – from 0° to 30° – Sun Ballast’s Standard system represents a simple and versatile solution, ideal for small PV installations on flat roofs and condominium terraces.

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