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SLT Entreprise - Waret-la-Chaussée, Belgium

SLT Entreprise

Waret-la-Chaussée, Belgium

7.5 kWp



This photovoltaic system was realized in Waret-la-Chaussée (Belgium) by our client SLT Enterprise, adopting Sun Ballast’s 11° Sail system as support: the ballasts in fact allowed the system to be installed quickly and easily, laying the structures directly on the sheathing present on the roof and optimizing the management of the available space in the best possible way.

In fact, all Sun Ballast systems do not require any fastening, and they combine both the support and ballast functions in a single practical solution: in this way, installation time is reduced, and installation is very easy on any type of surface.

The Sail system also allows maximum use of all space, and is especially used for PV systems built on small surfaces such as flat roofs and terraces of residential buildings.

In fact, the “Sail” arrangement makes it possible to completely eliminate the distances between PV panels, placing the rows next to each other with increasing height (up to three consecutive rows with the 11th version, instead up to six rows with the 5th version) and optimizing the PV system performance.

The one visible in the photo generates 7.5 kWp of clean electricity, and thanks to the Sun Ballast systems, the installation was completed easily meeting the timeframe agreed with the customer and ensuring the PV panels are as load-tight as possible.

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