Sistema Solare Srl - Ferrara - Italy

Sistema Solare Srl

Ferrara - Italy

20 kWp



Used for both large installations and small photovoltaic systems, the Standard system of Sun Ballast is the ideal solution when there are many obstacles on the surfaces: Fireplaces, air conditioners and skylights can make laying particularly slow and complicated, and using a simple and flexible support system can be a great advantage, especially during installation.

The Standard system – here in version 10 – represents a real guarantee for this: the length of the rows is adjustable, and the adjustment is done simply by adding or removing a ballast, without any need to attach to the cover.

In addition to ensuring a great freedom of installation, in this way the integrity of the surfaces is always guaranteed, even when the coating – as in the case of sheaths – is particularly delicate.

The last plant built in Ferrara by Sistema Solare Srl was installed quickly and easily on the roof floor of a residential building: the possibility to easily modulate both the length of the rows and the distance between them has allowed to better manage all the obstacles on the roof, ensuring the maximum level of efficiency and productivity (20 kwp).

The addition of additional weights – performed very quickly – finally ensured the highest level of wind tightness, further increasing the overall stability of the installation.

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