SGA SERVICE SRL - Torre del Greco - Italy


Torre del Greco - Italy

4 kWp



Photovoltaic systems installed in coastal areas usually enjoy excellent exposure, but at the same time require high resistance to mechanical stress deriving from the wind: the coasts are in fact on average very windy, and in these cases the solidity of the system becomes a even more important requirement.

The 4 KWp installation that you see in the photo was carried out in Torre del Greco (NA), along the Campania coast, and our customer SGA SERVICE SRLS had no doubts when choosing the support structures: Connect system by Sun Ballast. This system – here with an inclination of 10° – represents the perfect solution for anyone looking for maximum resistance to wind and bad weather: the ballasts are in fact interconnected in a single collaborating lattice, which is light but extremely stable at the same time.

Loads, thrusts and stresses are in fact distributed along the entire grid, balancing the weight on the roof evenly and resisting gusts of over 150 km/h.

To guarantee even greater solidity, the Sun Ballast technical office has also recommended the application of additional U-shaped weights, distributed on the central ballasts of the system: as in the case of structures, even the additional weights do not need to be fixed; on the other hand, they are placed on the ballast quickly and easily, guaranteeing decidedly rapid installation times and exceptional system reliability.

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