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Sperone - Italy

6 kWp



One of the main characteristics underlying the simplicity of Sun Ballast solutions is undoubtedly their great flexibility: the support structures easily adapt to any type of flat surface, and allow for a reduction in installation times by over 70%.

However, flexibility does not only concern the systems: even the accessories – often used to further increase the quality of the photovoltaic system and its overall stability – guarantee maximum ease of use, and have been developed to be integrated with all Sun systems Ballasts.

In this small 6 kWp plant built in the province of Avellino by our customer Se.R.I. Energineering, the Standard 10° system – a decidedly simple and versatile solution – has been made even more resistant thanks to the addition of Cablowind and additional U-shaped weights: if these allow you to strengthen the system at specific points, the Cablowind system allows to distribute the loads over a larger surface, improving the tightness of the PV system and the resistance to all meteorological phenomena.

For both, assembly is also extremely simple: the aluminum guides of the Cablowind system are in fact fixed to the bushings already present on the ballasts; the structure is then positioned inside, without the need for any further fixing.

Even the U-shaped supplementary weights are simply placed, and can be applied both on Cablowind and directly on the ballasts.

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