Schwizer Spenglerei AG - Gallen, Swiss

Schwizer Spenglerei AG

Gallen, Swiss

37 kWp



It’s never too early to start producing in a green way, and these two buildings still in construction are an example. For the realization of this system, our customer Schwizer Spenglerei AG, has chosen to use the ballasts with inclination 5°.3 in different positions to use the most of sun’s energy during all hours of the day.

The ballast has been positioned both east-west and south facing, a hybrid mode that lends itself well to the realization of this plant regarding the optimization of the space available on the coverage and the achievement of the production objectives set. The cover in gravel on which the ballasts have been installed is just one of the many fields of application of Sun Ballast structure that can be installed on a multitude of flat surfaces without any difficulty since they do not need to be fixed to the coverage. This makes them not only easy and quick to install but also extremely versatile and easy to handle in case of plant maintenance.

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