Saccopower S.r.l.  - Fiumicino - Italy

Saccopower S.r.l.

Fiumicino - Italy

28 kWp


Even when the available surfaces are large and well exposed, the possibility of optimizing space is one of the most important requirements for the support structures. For this reason, for over ten years one of the main objectives of Sun Ballast has been the development of practical and functional solutions that make it possible to make all types of flat surfaces useful and productive, from small residential spaces to the largest roofs of industrial plants.

In this case, the plant built by our customer Saccopower generates up to 28 kWp of clean electricity, and was installed in Fiumicino on a sheathed roof using the Vela 5° system: varying the height of the ballast and easily modulating the distance between the rows, this solution makes it possible to optimize the available surface in the best possible way.

Depending on the specific needs of the system, it is in fact possible to reduce or completely eliminate the space between the rows of modules, avoiding shading and guaranteeing the installation the highest level of efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, considering the considerable size of the panels, the innovative No-Flex solution has been integrated to guarantee maximum resistance to wind loads: the addition of a central ballast and the special steel bracket allows in fact to increase the fixing points from 4 to 6, precisely respecting all the support parameters indicated by the manufacturers, reducing the risk of bending to zero and guaranteeing a reliable and extremely stable system, even with large modules.

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