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Prosolia Energy - Ponte de Lima - Portugal

Prosolia Energy

Ponte de Lima - Portugal

358 kWp



For the realization of this beautiful installation, the Sun Ballast technical office evaluated the specific characteristics and available space of each roof. They chose to use the combined action of two Sun Ballast support systems for photovoltaic panels: the Vela system and the Connect system.
The combination of the two Sun Ballast systems meant that not a single centimeter of this coverage was wasted, and that maximum production was achieved by making the most intelligent use of space.
Despite the different types of roof on which the ballasts were installed, one in gravel and the other in sheath, there was no problem during installation, since the structures do not need to be fixed to the roof and are extremely sturdy and wind-resistant.
Thanks to these two Sun Ballast systems, our customer Prosolia Energy has built a plant that produces 358 kWp of renewable energy.

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