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Used by thousands of installers all over the world, Sun Ballast’s Single-File system is an extremely simple, versatile and effective solution, both for small systems installed on the roofs of houses and apartment buildings, and for large installations made on the wide roofs of industrial plants.

In fact, the possibility of easily modulating both the length and the distance between the rows of PV panels makes it possible to quickly circumvent all the obstacles present on roofs (e.g. chimneys, skylights, fans, etc.), adjusting the configuration of the PV system according to the shape of the surface dedicated to the installation. Requiring no fixing, the installation of the ballasts also takes place safely on any type of material – from sheathing to gravel, from green roofs to paved roofs – guaranteeing the integrity of the surfaces in all cases.

The installation carried out by our Powersol customer on this Thiene shed exceeded 160 kWp in power, and the Standard system was used in the 10° inclination version: the many advantages offered by this solution made it possible to reduce installation time by more than 30 percent, easily meeting the timelines agreed with the end customer and guaranteeing maximum satisfaction in terms of both performance and reliability. In fact, the Single-File system is extremely solid and resistant, and the possibility of freely moving the ballasts ensures maximum simplicity even during maintenance.

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