Powers-On - Belfort, France


Belfort, France

3 kWp



Sun Ballast’s Sail system is one of the most widely used solutions for the realization of small photovoltaic systems: when the space dedicated to the installation is small, the Sail system in fact makes it possible to make the most of it, positioning the rows of panels consecutively and eliminating the distances between modules altogether.

This small 3 kWp installation was carried out in Belfort (France) by our customer Powers-On, and was placed on the ground next to an industrial plant. The installation was done very quickly by placing the ballasts directly on the gravel layer: in fact, Sun Ballast structures do not require any fixing, and the handling is done quickly on any type of surface, ensuring maximum resistance to wind-generated stress in all situations.

Available with two different inclinations, the 11° Sail system – used for this plant – allows the positioning of up to three rows of panels, while in the 5° version it is possible to install as many as six consecutive rows: thanks to its particular configuration, Sun Ballast’s Sail system allows to maximize the performance of the plant, resulting in the perfect solution to make even the smallest spaces useful and productive.

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