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Piacenza Solare Srl - Molfetta  - Italy

Piacenza Solare Srl

Molfetta - Italy

658 kWp



Text: A plant of significant size that was realized by our customer Piacenza Solare Srl on the roof of this shopping center, which presented a number of obstacles.
Thanks to the Standard system, the most versatile among Sun Ballast’s solar panel support systems, it was very easy to build this plant and interrupt the rows where necessary. This is because Sun Ballast structures do not need to be fixed to the roof.
This not only allows greater freedom of installation but also the ability to preserve the building from possible water infiltration due to roof damage. In addition, Sun Ballast provides special sheaths that offer maximum protection to the support surface.
Thanks to this type of Sun Ballast structure and the support of the technical department, our client was able to build a plant capable of producing up to 658.2 kWp!


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