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120 kWp



Like all the Sun Ballast systems, the East-West offers installers and project planners a wide range of versions, and in addition to the inclination of the panels, the height from the roof surface can also be selected.

For this 120 kWp photovoltaic system, Olympic Engineering and Consulting – relying on our Greek distributor Green Effect – selected the 11°.2 version structures, and the installation was carried out on a sheathing roof: requiring no fastening, the surface did not suffer any damage and the handling of the ballasts was quick and easy, reducing installation time by more than 30% compared to traditional support systems while ensuring a high level of stability and wind resistance.

The particular configuration of the East-West system – with the rows of photovoltaic modules exposed in two opposing directions – also makes it possible to achieve excellent performance, both in terms of overall efficiency and production continuity: in fact, the double orientation of the panels increases the hours of exposure, distributing energy generation throughout the day, from dawn to dusk.

This is a great advantage, both when the building does not enjoy a good exposure and when the orientation is adequate and the goal is to ensure high and constant power generation for the PV system, reducing the load on the storage systems and ensuring maximum longevity, efficiency and reliability for the installation.

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