OCSUN  - Monaco - Francia


Monaco - Francia

200 kWp



This large photovoltaic system capable of producing 200kwp of renewable energy was installed in the beautiful and scenic port of Monaco on the flat roof of the prestigious science center. The ballasts selected are those of the East-West system with an inclination of only 3 °, the right inclination to respect the surrounding landscape and possible landscape constraints. The East-West structures, thanks to their double orientation, are designed precisely to respond to the problems of those buildings that do not have an optimal position, and which would therefore be destined to a reduced energy production with the use of traditional systems with orientation South.

Another strong point of the system is certainly the optimization of the spaces available on the roof, their main peculiarity in fact lies in not having to leave space between one row of panels and another in order to recover the space usually left empty in traditional systems. An estimated saving of around 20%. Furthermore, the system in question has among its main characteristics that of being very resistant to the actions of the wind, a fundamental factor for all those areas subject to strong sea currents. A set of features that fit perfectly with the requests of our customer OCSUN who took care of the construction of the system.

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